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Feel energised and promote your overall wellness with our vitamin Booster Shots. Our selection of customised injections can help you achieve your specific health goals.


Vitamin injections offer full nutrient absorption, meaning your body can utilize 100% of the vitamins. When you take a vitamin supplement orally, it must be digested. Some of the nutrients are lost during the digestive process and it takes longer to see and feel the effects. Our booster shots are absorbed in your muscle, offering faster and more effective results.


Support strong bones, healthy immune system function and an improved mood with Vitamin D injections. Boosting your Vitamin D levels can also promote brain health and neuromuscular function. Vitamin D shots are injected into your muscle, which gradually releases the vitamin into your muscle. This means that after just one injection, your Vitamin D levels may remain improved for several months.


Feeling lethargic? A Vitamin B12 shot may be just what you need. Vitamin B12 helps your body convert fat and carbohydrates to energy, and supports healthy function of your brain, nervous system and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 shots are especially beneficial if you eat a plant-based diet, as most naturally occurring Vitamin B-12 is found in meats.


Boost your energy, improve your mood and support a healthy weight with our Vitamin B Complex injection. Because Vitamin B Complex in food is not easily absorbed by the human body, it’s common to become deficient. Maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin B Complex helps your metabolism function property, which can help you:

– Feel more energetic
– Feel less stressed
– Maintain a healthy weight

Vitamin B Complex may support red blood cell production, healthy liver function, and promote brain and memory health.


Maintain a healthy weight and support overall wellness with our Lipotropic (Lipo B) injections. Lipotropics impact fat metabolism in the body – helping your liver breakdown excess fat. Combined with diet and exercise, Lipo B booster shots may help you achieve your desired weight goals. Healthy metabolism function provided by the dose of select B Vitamins also supports boosted energy levels and promotes overall body function.


Want to take your workout to the next level? A COQ10 Vitamin injection contains Coenzyme Q10 and a high dose of B12 to boost your energy and support increased recovery time for optimal athletic performance. Whether you’re looking to increase your cardio time for weight loss, or get in a few more reps for weight gain, a COQ10 shot may help you feel more energised and support healthy muscles to help you meet your fitness goals.


Looking for glowing skin, strong nails and healthy hair? This B Vitamin supports healthy skin cell function to help keep it moisturized, and may stimulate your hair follicles. Additionally, Biotin can help turn the carbs, fats, and proteins you eat into fuel for your body to promote overall wellness.


If you’re noticing a few wrinkles, fine lines or age spots, a Glutathione injection can promote healthy aging. An important antioxidant, Glutathione targets the oxidative free radicals that cause premature aging and damaged skin. With a 100% absorption rate, Glutathione injections may help your body look and feel better.

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