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Our hormone replacement therapy (HRT) provides a way to address hormonal issues. HRT allows us to address hormone imbalances and deficiencies in men and women of all ages. We can help restore normal hormone function and alleviate symptoms associated with aging.


Give your body what it needs with our selection of customized IV drips. Use our specially formulated infusions to improve your health and wellness. Want more brain power? Are you tired of hangovers? Do you want to boost your immune system? Our specialized formulated IV infusions can help. With custom IV drips, you can receive a healthy cocktail of vitamins delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Cryotherapy is known to help improve the strength of the immune system, reducing the risk of many ailments. It may also increase testosterone levels and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Find out if cryotherapy is the right treatment for your specific health concerns:



If you suffer from inflammatory diseases or a weakened immune system, you may benefit from ozone therapy. Supplying your body with ozone gas may improve circulation and combat inflammation to boost your immune system, addressing two major issues that tend to develop as you age.Ozone therapy offers an alternative treatment for a wide range of health concerns.

Our Float Tank is best for patients looking for meditative and relaxation therapy. The lightless and soundless tank lets your body drift into a meditative state to rejuvenate your body and mind.

If you want to instantly get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, Aesthetics may provide an effective treatment. At our Wellington clinic, we offer safe and reliable Aesthetics treatments to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging. Aesthetics remains the most popular form of non-surgical cosmetic treatment. To determine if Aesthetics is the right solution for you, examine the features and benefits of the treatments.

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